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Picture Books are important, not just for little kids but older kids as well

In the current pandemic, parents are increasingly worried about their kids meeting state standards and developing true mastery of the material they study. What will happen this year? Will children fall behind?

At all levels of study, identification and analysis of the central idea are important. This is true for a 3 year old when they ask why was Max sent to bed in, "Where The Wild Things Are"? It is also true when we ask an older child about a story theme, like in "Harry Potter" or "Romeo and Juliet" and they can see a picture that illustrates the rich language.

With the current and long-standing issues involving social equity, picture books are motivational and can often make difficult material more clear for all age levels.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, or at least they sure can help a child "see" what the words are talking about. Books like these, with pictures, can bring communities together. They inform the conversation.

We all need to listen, learn and act sooner rather than later, let's do the work together and bring schools, parents, students and all people together in an educated and informed manner.

Children are our future, choose the right school, contact Wendy Levey Consulting, because, we got this!!

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