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Please and thank you, does it matter? YOU BET it does!!!

One difference between people and animals is civility. Greeting one another cordially, helping an older person with their packages, standing to one side to let an older person out of the elevator first and so much more helps your child stand out.

A young man escorting a young lady down an aisle at graduation, is nice. Teaching boys how to treat girls with respect, starts at home.

Teaching kids the rules of a game and that if you lose you still shake hands, you never throw a racquet, or a chess piece or a bat. If there is a dress code, it needs to be honored, these things show respect. If you want to be treated with respect, treat others with respect.

Knowing how to eat properly, treat others with respect or even write a thank you note, shows manners and good values. It sets your child apart, in the best way possible.

Find the right school, with the right mission and the right values: social equity, civility and respect. Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we can help you find the right school, and we even have an etiquette class !!!

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