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Pomp and Circumstance!!!

What does that wonderful song mean to you???

Oh the people they will become! It's graduation time all over for 5 year olds, 18 year olds and 22 year olds!

In the most unexpected and complicated school year ever, our children survived and they are moving on up! They learned that there are bumps in the road, hurdles to manage and that things change when you least expect it. Hats off, BIG TIME to teachers, parents and kids everywhere who thrived in spite of the pandemic, economic upheaval and social inequity. We are not done growing, learning and figuring out how to be better, that is a life long journey.

Who will your child be? Have you given them the tools to go forth with grit and confidence?

Find the right school, make sure that school has the right values, like social equity and leading with purpose and creativity. Contact: Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this!

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