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Read, read, read!!!!

Whether you are 4 or 45 or 95 read a good book. You learn new words, visit new places and meet new people.

Reading improves brain activity, educates you, increases your vocabulary, reduces stress, helps with empathy, fights depression and prevents cognitive decline as you get older.

If children see you reading, they are more likely to read. Reading helps alleviate fears, educates you about new things and inspires you to wonder.

Some of my fondest memories as a child, was sitting at my teachers's feet and listening to Mrs. Piggle Wiggle .

Or when my Mom read to us.

Or choosing a book in the library.

Or even pretending to read a grown up book!

Read to your sister, what a perfect audience!

Books are energy, knowledge, escape and pure magic!

Read the book lists on Wendy Levey Consulting and contact us to find the right school where books matter!

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