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Resolutions? How about teach your kids to just go for it, no regrets.

If kids don't try, they won't know that they can pick themselves up and try again, or find a work-around or adjust the project. Out of failure or mistakes is borne creativity and resilience. Grit and determination are vital to being successful in relationships, in school and in work.

Maybe teach your child or your teenager to say, I'll give it a try instead of I can't do it. How about starting by saying hello to someone you don't know in the elevator or at the bus stop or in a doctor's office waiting room. Developing relationships is critical for mental health.

Or when selling Girl Scout Cookies or having a lemonade stand or selling bracelets, say hello, my name is ------.

Or, write a book about something you really care about or try out for a play or a team, just try it, you might be surprised at the out come!

Find a school that values both independence and collaboration, creativity and conformity, spirit and contemplation. Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, all things education from preschool through , we've got this!

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