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School 2021 WILL be open, are you ready?

Whether your child is 2 or 5 or 8, or in between, what will you do for school a year from this fall? NOW is the time to start that journey and Wendy Levey Consulting can help steward that ship.

10 reasons to reach out to Wendy Levey Consulting:

1. Are you working remotely and have no interaction with people to mentor you?

2. Do you understand the age cut offs for public school versus private school?

3. Have your plans changed for where you will be living?

4. Do you know what kind of learner your child is?

5. Have you considered single sex education?

6. Do NYC schools have sports?

7. Do you have to be famous to get into private school?

8. Is your child gifted or do they have a specific learning style?

9. Are relationships with on-going schools important ?

10. Do schools teach values?

11. Do public schools have Parent Associations, do private schools?

Whatever your education question is, we got this! Contact Wendy Levey Consulting.

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