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School Graduations are so important at any age level.

Beginnings and endings are so important for all kids, it frames their experience and provides significant meaning. Whether it's a birthday, or the end of camp or now- graduation from school. Graduations build on the past so that you can celebrate in the present as you look towards the future.

Graduation is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Graduation shows that you "did it", you worked for something and achieved a goal. And guess what? Getting a reward for work even releases dopamine , a happiness chemical.

Even if a graduation seems long, or hot or uncomfortable it serves a critical importance, it bookends an important period in your child's life.

Schools are places where kids meet different kinds of people, discuss all kinds of ideas, embrace multiple points of view and learn what they need for the next step of their life in a safe place with teachers who know how to do this. Exchange of thought in a safe community has never been more timely.

Wendy Levey Consulting can help with school choice, we got this.

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