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School Wait List protocol and the value of being polite.

"Our characters are the result of our conduct" Aristotle

This is school admissions season for preschool, kindergarten, grades, and high school. The responses you will get are: an acceptance, a wait list or a denial at all age levels.

Waitlist: Notify the school that you wish to remain on the waitlist, if the school is of interest, or if not, ask the school to please take you off the waitlist. The waitlist is only active for 1 week. (If you are in a public school, you can stay on the waitlist through the summer as you are not under contract to another independent school). Sometimes there is attrition at a school because people move.

Acceptance: Notify the 1 school you want to go to that you are coming immediately, sign the contract, and pay the deposit when you are notified so they know their numbers. Do not tell multiple schools you are coming as then other children cannot get in off the waitlist. The earlier you let the schools know, the happier they will be. Many schools have re-visits (only for accepted families) in the days after you are accepted, which slows down the process if people do not commit in a timely fashion.

Denial: This is non-negotiable.

Too young letter: Sometimes, with a summer birthday (June-September), children get a "too young letter". This means they are admissible, but they are too young for the class the school is putting together, so apply again next year. This only happens in kindergarten.

It's always a good idea to put your best foot forward and model good behavior others. to. Don't brag about where your child got into school and when others share their news always say, what a great school.

Civility, find a school where this is modeled, expected and taught. Need help finding the right school?


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