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Science, writing and entrepreneurship!

When Imani Ariana Grand was 8 years old she wanted to write, so her Mom encouraged her to write a poem. She instead wrote Disco Balls of the Universe! She now has written several books, has her own clothing line and does speaking engagements.

Science is so important for kids. It helps them develop significant life skills: the ability to communicate, remain organized and on task, collaborate, problem solve and form opinions that grow out of observation.

We know that scientists are integral for the future as we face global warming, tackle illnesses, predict weather, do space travel and so much more.

Always teach your kids to wonder, what if? Maybe your child will discover a new planet or develop a life saving vaccine or solve the climate crisis! You never know!

Find the right school to open your child's world, contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this!

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