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Teachers are supposed to shape lives, not save lives-what happened?

We have no baby formula, 18 year olds are buying assault weapons and strolling into schools and shooting children and teachers and who is doing anything about it???

We know our children deserve better!

We have fought for women to vote, for all kids to ride a school bus and drink from a water fountain regardless of color and for children with learning differences to have more time for their work. And now what has happened? It is too easy to buy guns, mental health is not able to help these kids and the legal system just lets them go in so many cases, even if they are caught.

Everytown posted this:

"If you were waiting for a sign to get involved in the movement to #EndGunViolence, this is it. Join us: Text ACT to 644-33" @Everytown

What can we do to make children feel safe? Here's an idea from a Therapist who was at Sandy Hook when those shootings happened:

For Teachers/Therapists: I worked in a CT elementary school when Sandy Hook happened. What helped: We had our kids draw pictures of scenery that made them feel calm—we then hung them up around the school—to make the “other kids who were scared” have something calm to look at.

Just one of the beautiful children from the Texas shooting in Uvalde, gone but never forgotten.

No words, but it's time for actions to keep our children and teachers safe.

Find a school for your children that is safe, socially equitable, lives their mission and believes in joy. Contact: Wendy Levey Consulting, all things education, preschool through high school, we've got this.

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My children are grown and on their own, but I have grandchildren about to go to school and I am *terrified*!! How are we supposed to keep them safe when our own government doesn’t care? In Australia, they had one school shooting and then had a ‘turn in your guns’ day. Everyone did turn in their guns and they haven’t had another school shooting. You don’t hear of this in any other country except the USA. What is *wrong* with our country, our belief systems? My heart breaks for the teachers who not only have to teach but keep an eye out for an escape route! This is just *wrong*!!!

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