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Three point shots build brain power-whoosh!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

For many years at the school I founded and ran we had the kids go to the gym before school started, we called it Sunrise Movement. They ran around the gym and when they arrived in class they were so much more ready to learn. The teachers also often did a yoga lesson to achieve the same purpose. So why not try this at home? Do jumping jacks or run up and down the stairs or jump on a trampoline, but get those bodies moving and I promise your kids will pay attention better, learn more and retain it. Boost that brain power!

Here are some ideas:

1. Yoga poses, kids love the animal poses and they involve a lot of concentration, YogiBeans@home has a virtual studio. is great for kids 3 -teens. Yoga is a healthy activity that is non-judgmental and physically challenging.

2. Dance class, pilates, boxing, stretch, cardio all available on Obé Fitness. Obé offers virtual classes for everyone of all ages at any time of the day, on demand or live. (Tip if you're not exactly a dance expert: I take the kids dance classes, not the grown up ones, because I can actually do those!) They last 28 minutes, but there are also some express classes for 5 or 10 minutes too. obé

3. Jr. NBA at Home has all kinds of great baskeball stars like Jaren Jackson of the Memphis Grizzlies teaching Ball Dribble Drills and other techniques. Guaranteed your child will pay attention to that! (Check out newscaster Craig Melvin's young son learn some tips from Jaren Jackson on the NBC morning segment April 29, 2020.)

4. Physical games that can be played at home: Hopscotch, Twister, Musical Chairs, Freeze Dance and home made obstacle courses.

5. Great book recommendation: "Parenting Great Girls" by Jeannie Norris. This very engaging and important book published in 2011 is about giving our daughters the courage to live authentic and confident lives. I love how it talks about raising girls expectations by asking them what would they like to do athletically? Academically? Artistically? (You only have sons? Still an important read, they may have girlfriends one day!)

6. Random act of kindness: Teach your kids to ask others how they feel, if you have doormen or you see the postman/woman or the Fed EX man/woman or call a grandparent and ask how they are doing. It's important that kids learn empathy early.

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting,, for all things education. We got this!

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