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Virtual Consulting for school selection and readiness help? You bet!

Now is the time to work on a number of things as you get ready for school applications at any age level this fall for the following school year.

  1. Does your child have the skills necessary for whatever grade they are applying?

2. Do you as parents know what to look for in a school, public or private?

3. If essays describing your child are required, do you know what to say?

4. Do you send notes to school when you have had a visit, virtually or otherwise?

5. How do you or your child dress for school visits?

6. How many schools should you apply to?

7. Should your child do anything this summer to be ready for the fall?

8. If you are a corporation, how can you help your employees remotely with this

process? Is this value added to your employees?

9. What is the difference between public school and private school, other than price?

10. Do teenagers need interviewing skill help? Spoilers alert: YES!!!!!!

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, , 917-941-9995, for help with any

or all of this.

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