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Want a better shot of getting into school at any age level? Read these important tips!

Okay, you don't need a little black dress, but you and your child, regardless of whether the interviews are virtual or in person, should dress as though you were going on a job interview and your child was going out for dinner with his/her grandmother. Boys should wear a shirt with a collar, girls a nice dress or skirt and sweater that they will not fuss with. Parents should wear business appropriate clothes -a shirt with a collar and a jacket for the father and a dress, skirt and blouse/sweater or pant suit for the mother. Everyone's hair should be combed ( seems obvious, but...) and do not chew gum or slurp a drink. If you are doing this virtually, make sure your background is appropriate.

Tip #2

Be organized, that is critical in this process. have folders, electronic or paper, or journals or notebooksand keep each school and their information carefully separated. Put a copy of everything you write in the folder so that you don't repeat yourself.

Tip #3

Write "proper" thank you notes for any tours, open houses, interviews etc. that you do. It will give you a chance to highlight something you saw. (new gym, science labs, writing program, sports students work on bulletin boards...) The stationery need not be expensive, but it needs the parents name, clearly written across the top. Kids 12 and up can email the schools, just be sure to use the proper language: Dear Mrs./Ms./Mr. So and So, not Hi Alice- you're not friends-yet)

I like Love, Laura for stationery as they have a wide choice of stationery types, know how to do this and it can be done with them efficiently on the phone.

Tip #4

Research every school you are looking at: public, independent, Gifted or Boarding School. Make sure the information you are getting is not from 5, 10 or 20 years ago or an out of date article. Instagram is a greta way to find out about a school and you see amazing up to date activity and content.

Tip #5

Be open and apply widely, do not decide ahead of time exactly which school you want until you complete the process, the bench is very deep in NYC. Lists of the "best schools" or the "top schools" are not necessarily the right schools for your child and family.

Tip #6

Look for schools that combine a stellar education with joy, social equity and purpose!

and tune in tonight at 7:30 to @enrichedNYC for more info and tips!

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