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Who doesn't love doodling? 10 fun things to do at home with your kids

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Staying in can make everyone more creative , let's do it!

  1. Write book reports with your children and let them share with their friends.

  2. Cut strips of construction paper and weave placemats, make a pattern to build math skills.

  3. Design a cartoon strip, check out

  4. Paint, put glitter glue on stones and use for hop scotch, decoration, place cards...

  5. Make dioramas in shoe boxes: a scene from a book, the family, your house or apartment or outer space.

  6. Go on the computer and learn words in another language, make flash cards and practice them. (

  7. Do doodles with the amazing Mo Willems on available every day.

  8. Build a city with blocks or LEGO and make corresponding flags out off paper, you can research them on the internet.

  9. Play limbo, use a rope, ribbon, string or a broom to wiggle under, play fun music that the kids can pick.

  10. Do a random act of kindness: bake cookies for an elderly neighbor, doctors, homeless shelter or police/fire people and make a card to go with them.

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